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Touch of Structure Bodywork

Touch of Structure is a style of bodywork that realigns the balance and structure of your body, while bringing more of your spiritual essence into a grounded integration within your body.

The posture of your physical body affects your ability to feel and receive your true feelings. Thus your posture affects your ability to connect with a deeper level of awareness within yourself.

Every cell in your body holds all of the memories of your present lifetime, and lifetimes beyond present time.

The predominant human habit is to feel in separation, leaving many of one's life experiences not integrated.

The habit is to "think" that one is feeling, when in truth, one's authentic feelings are not being felt at all.

No matter what your issues are, this style of bodywork will get you out of your mental process and into a direct relationship with yourself.

Your ability to heal is directly related to your ability to consciously choose to feel your true feelings.

These honored feelings and the resulting new choices, are what will ultimately manifest the kind of life that you want and desire to create.

My intention is to touch you from a place of feeling and receiving love, while also loving whatever feelings naturally arise within you to be felt.

This allows you to feel your own true feelings on a cellular level and be more conscious of feeling your own loving spirit as it emanates and expands within your body.

The way that healing occurs in your body, is from simply allowing yourself to feel and receive your true human feelings and stay present with them, while sharing how you feel vocally.

If your feelings are not felt, and past personal issues are not resolved, your psychic space is laden with a residue of unfelt feelings that stifles your vitality and your zest for life.

This residue causes people to feel depressed, apathetic, and irritable.

To ignore these unfavorable states, people often stimulate themselves with substances to cover over their authentic feelings.

Authentic feelings are often disregarded, purely by choosing to be more mentally focused, living in a more intellectual realm, or functioning from a removed outward space of trance.

During the Touch of Structure bodywork, you learn how to have your central channel open, to allow your real presence to descend into your physical body, to allow you to be more conscious and aware of what you are feeling.

Also you will be encouraged to share how you feel verbally, to maintain your conscious present awareness of your feelings, while you are receiving them, and then exposing them to your outer world by speaking them out loud.

If you notice that you are feeling pain in a certain part of your body, then you are guided to tune in to where you are hurting, and allow your pain to soak into you, as you slow down to receive it, and also say "I hurt".

It is amazing how quickly pain is transformed into pleasure, when it is fully felt and received with love in your body. With a focus on choosing to relax and allow your feelings of pain to melt deeper into you, your pain slowly disappears with just the right amount of pressure and loving touch.

The guiding practice of cellular memory healing is combined with a loving focused touch while massage strokes open up the flow of your spirit to specific parts of your body. Your body will realign as you feel your feelings; through your muscles, and through your skeletal structure.

I teach people how to self massage, and how to discern what feelings are affecting them, from the location of their pain, since pain merges with other basic feelings that we are not expressing openly. Thus our pain contains awareness of other feelings that are also affecting our body.

Our body is meant to be relaxed and flexible. The stress and tension we feel is caused mostly by the feelings that we are resisting. We often use our energy unconsciously to push our invisible feelings away, as a strategy to prevent us from feeling them, and then being vulnerable. When we are vulnerable and on the spot connecting with our feelings, it can be challenging for us to then be able to communicate our feelings eloquently.

We are not always able to express our feelings eloquently, since we are learning continually by our mistakes. We continue to make mistakes until we fully learn how to master our actions.

In time, with repeated practice, we gain mastery. Communicating our feelings is something that every person is continually learning about.

Therefore, we definitely benefit ourselves when we choose to practice tuning into how we feel in a safe place. My intention is to provide a safe space for people to be able to explore how they feel, and practice verbalizing their truth in a loving way. This practice teaches us how to acknowledge our truth, and how to be kind with ourselves, no matter what we are feeling.

Our body will respond positively as we connect with the truth in our heart, more and more. Even our digestive system, and other of our internal organs, will respond healthfully to the positive effects of our being realigned with how we feel in our body.

The more empowered we feel about being yourself, and not having to suppress our real feelings, the more we are able to know what our human boundaries are.

We become more conscious of how we affect each other, with our choices, words, and actions. The kinder we are with ourselves, the kinder we are outwardly towards other people.

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