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Dr. Bernard Jensen and Ellen Tart Jensen are famous Iridology teachers and Ellen Tart also teaches Rayid Analysis of the Iris. 

Ellen Tart Jensen was president of the International Iridology Research Association for several years.


Leonard Mehlmauer teaches Sclerology & Pupilology and his brand of Eye Analysis he calls Eyeology. I met Leonard at Westbrook University.


Another influential Iridology teacher that I met at Westbrook University is Harri Wolf; who created the National Iridology Research Association.


William Horosh and Eugene Watkins from Pure Herbs taught me about Herbalogy, Nutrition and Iridology.


Robert Irons, son of Victor Earl Irons, shared with me about his father's 7 day cleansing regime that safely removes massive amounts of toxins from the body.


This is the same 7 day cleansing program that Dr. Bernard Jensen did at his health ranch; reversing health troubles for many people for thirty years. Dr. Jensen wrote Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management to document this way of cleansing the body using Sonnes # 7 liquid bentonite clay.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz is an Iridology teacher who taught nutrition and his raw paleo diet which he called the primal diet.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens recently sold his Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, yet he continues to share online through email. For years he ran his health center teaching seminars on Ayurvedic medicine and a raw food vegetarian diet. He wrote several books on nutrition including Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet. 

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