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What is Really Going On?

Updated: Jan 30

Health & Happiness Books & Links

Learn the Truth about Health and​ the human body ~ Watch this excellent documentary that teaches the truth:

(I have studied Biological Terrain Assessment created by Beauchamp and also Dark Field Microscopy; the above video link is a must watch video)

The best up to date information about what is really going on in our world.

Peggy Hall is Incredible !!!

(Dr Klinghardt)

Dr. Steven Kessler wrote a book called the 5 Personality Patterns and he has basically taken the 5 character types taught by Wilhelm Reich; explaining them in simple ways. He has videos on youtube that are excellent. See his info at (Daniel Giamario has created the most amazing archetypal explanations of the different zodiac signs)

(James Corbett)

Up to date information about what is really going on in our world.

Alphonse Faggiolo is Truly Awesome!

Please check out his information at:

Research these important Topics:


(Remote Neural Monitoring) (Dr John Hall wrote 2 books on this subject; he is out of Austin TX) (Scottie has a great video on youtube about the research studies on 5 G) John Jay Singleton.

John is doing incredible law work.

What do we know about electricity and the men that really helped to create it? These two men had many hundreds of patents for their incredible inventions:

Charles Proteus Steinmetz

and Nikola Tesla. (daily papers on topics involving virology, microbiology, parasitology, bacteria Etc.)

YumNaturals Emporium youtube channel from Naturopath Amandha:

Please watch her video titled Bombshell Evidence that Covid RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA

See her website:

Website for Evy McDonald who is a nurse who healed her ALS: Dr. Lorraine Day is a medical doctor who got cancer and could not find healing in the AMA Medical Library yet found healing elsewhere.

Look on youtube for the Hoxsey story and the video called How Healing Becomes a Crime. is a favorite platform for me as it was created by Dr. Jordan Peterson who used to be on youtube and patreon yet due to censorship he created his own platform dedicated to free speech and guaranteeing that there will be no censorship on his site.

I have done the 7 day tissue cleanse 48 times and I am certified in how to do this cleanse that will literally reverse any toxic disease state in the body. More info at these websites: (Dr. Peter D'Adamo wrote Eat Right For Your Type, a really great book on the blood type diet.)

Mitchell May has an incredible healing story and he created Pure Synergy!

Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker details the many research studies on taking depression and anxiety meds.

Merle Yost is in the bay area of California and he works mostly with men and men's issues and he has several articles of great interest on his website and he has authored books as well. His site is (Eva Pierrakos lectures of spiritual knowledge from channeling the Guide are profoundly perceptive)

Continued information about the teachings of Alexander Lowen are found at (Codependency Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who desire to have loving relationships) and this 12 step program also teaches about loving our inner child. (Weston A Price and Francis Pottenger are two amazing men who studied diet and how diet heals the body and affects the body) (Learn about an amazing lady named Aimee Falchuk who teaches about the pathwork lectures and she is a Core Energetics practitioner) She has some excellent videos online on youtube.

John Bradshaw wrote a book called The Homecoming, that is the best book ever on understanding how our brain and ego develops as we grow from infancy to teen age and his inner child exercises in this book are very healing and revealing.

Check out Whitney Webb! She is an author and a journalist. Her 2 volume book titled "One Nation Under Blackmail" is INCREDIBLE!!! Check out her website at:

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