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Feeling Modalities for Healing

Over the years of my own personal emotional healing and spiritual recovery from addictions, I have been involved with different healing modalities and different groups, and I did a lot of Inner Child work. Mostly, I read the book, called The Homecoming, which is authored by a psychologist named John Bradshaw. This book delves deeply into the psyche of the infant the toddler, the pre-school child, child and teenager. When you do all the different exercises in that book to get in touch with your inner child, a lot of feelings and emotions come up.

Several friends of mine got together and we all read the book together and we would meet every week and each week we would read a chapter in the book and then discuss what we learned and how we were feeling and sometimes we would do some of the exercises together as a group. I did five of those workshops over a three-year period and I also delved into reading about adult children of alcoholics plus I did a lot of 12 step programs like narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous and then later codependency anonymous.

I got involved with some different groups that dealt with healing through awareness of our feelings and one of them was called Hakomi therapy which was founded by Ron Kurtz. Then I found out about Re-evaluation Co-counseling. I did a 16 week course and then I continued being part of the community for many years where we would take turns sharing and listening as we talked about our feelings; as it is normal to need to discharge our feelings that we normally keep inside, and we need an outlet for our feelings, and we need someone to listen to us as we process and re-evaluate our feelings.

Feeling our feelings is an even deeper way to heal our heart and our soul and our spirit.

I ended up finding cellular memory healing in 1999 and I really got into it. The basic premise is that our spirit is love and love is a feeling, and all of our feelings are feelings of love and therefore every feeling we feel has a purpose and a reason for existing within our human spirit. There are several different books that have been written about the importance of feeling our feelings and I recall one of them is called Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman.

When I was studying, the cellular memory healing our teacher had us read a book called "Fear No Evil" by Eva Pierrakos and this is a book full of channeled material, and it is really fascinating since it explains how a child has guilt for hating their parents, and then starts to wear a mask to hide their true feelings, and thus they begin to live more in their head and less in their body. The child has a psychic break and this is due to their authentic feeling body being separated from their physical body; since their aura becomes overloaded with the many suppressed feelings from the grown-ups in their world.

I also studied with a Native American Indian man named Sunbear and he wrote many books, and taught many Native American practices to non-native people. There were all different healing rituals that Native Americans would practice, and one of them is called digging a hole. In this practice, you go out into nature, or you can even go out into your backyard and you dig a hole in the ground and you lay on the ground and you put your face in the hole and you allow yourself to yell and scream into the hole, all the things that you need to get out of your head that have been bothering you; and you trust that the Earth mother will compost and transmute any of these negative feelings for you. It is very cathartic and you feel really good after you're able to yell it all out into the hole in the ground.

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