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Shamanic Astrology Readings by Deborah

I offer Shamanic Astrology readings (a written reading and also a phone session) for those who are interested in this topic. Daniel Giamario is the creator of Shamanic Astrology.

This type of astrology analysis includes understanding the mythological archetypes of the different zodiac signs. In the birth chart of every person, there is a placement of all of the planets in different constellations as they appeared in the sky at the moment of our birth.

The Moon indicates our past experiences and our Rising Ascendant, Saturn, Venus and Mars placements indicate our present lifetime learning. Every life we are here in Earth school to learn different things as we continue to evolve our soul’s spiritual journey.

The placement of our Moon and Rising Ascendant tells us where we have been and where we are going currently. There are specific differences in the type of relationships we have had in the past and that we are now having in our present lives.

Also our right livelihood and career path is indicated by our Mid-Heaven position, and Saturn indicates our current main life lessons and studies.

Our Venus and Mars indicates our current inner sacred marriage of our female and male aspects and indicates the kind of partner we are seeking to be in relationship with.

Other planets will indicate other aspects of life and the different constellations (zodiac signs) have their own unique archetypes. For example being in the military is different than preaching in a church; just as being a sex worker is different than being a nun or a monk.

These are very general archetypes, yet they can shine a light on why we are attracted to certain things. Each zodiac sign has different qualities, both positive and negative.

Our astrology chart includes a combination of different signs connected to the different planets. These aspects also land in different houses within the astrology chart; which also indicates different interests in our life.

Many of us were born with very intense astrological aspects causing us to have much more intense lifetimes fraught with major changes and challenges.

These difficulties propel us to face our desires for living a better life and becoming more empowered and liberated despite the problems that seem to set us back from our original plans for our life.

Some of us shy away from doing something out of the ordinary whereas others will risk doing something new to propel themselves into a new way of being and knowing.

I am happy to share more about Shamanic Astrology with you. Feel free to ask me about how this type of information can benefit you.

Thank you for listening! Love Deborah.

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