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Iridology Readings by Deborah

What I offer in my Iridology Readings:

When I receive your "In Focus" eye photos, I will confirm that they are good enough quality of photos for me to see the different patterns in your irises. Then I use my Iridology charts to analyze what areas in your body are indicated as having some connective tissue weakness or other types of indications, such as radial furrows, pigments and genetic weaknesses. Then I can also see what level of toxicity is affecting your weak areas. The levels of toxicity shown in the iris colors include acute (hyperactive), subacute, chronic and degenerative.

The colors that indicate these different areas of weakness are white or golden (depending upon your overall iris color), light grey, dark grey and black. Acute is white, Subacute is light grey, Chronic is dark grey and Degenerative is black. When you cleanse your body the level of toxicity (iris colors) will change and reverse in darkness or lightness; depending upon what level of toxicity is affecting any particular area of your iris fibers which connect with the many different systems, organs and tissues within your body.

The reading that I write up for you and send to you in email will indicate any major issues regarding toxicity that you ought to be alerted to. If the area is subacute, I won't mention this as this is a common level of toxicity that appears in our irises. Acute and Chronic are the levels of toxicity that ought to be mentioned. When an area is Degenerative, or Acute, there will be symptoms. When an area is Chronic there will not be any symptoms yet it is still good to know about as Chronic eventually leads into Degenerative.

To start with, when I do your written reading, I explain your main constitutional types seen in your iris and this is according to your iris color, patterns and pigments. Also the density of your iris fibers indicates some of the constitutional types shown in your irises. There are other types of markings that also indicate certain issues affecting your body. An example of these other indications are a sodium ring, a scurf rim, a ring of perfection and stress rings. Possible yeast problems and parasite issues are also shown in the markings and colors in the irises.

Then once I mention these main overall indications, then I write up a list of all of the areas indicated in each iris that are significant to you and your body. I also list any markings from the whites of the eyes also. Once in a while there are major core issues that I see and then I might also include some of the Rayid analysis of certain areas indicated in your iris patterns.

The shape of the pupil also indicates specific issues related to the nervous system and how those weaknesses affect different areas of the body; and then I mention those areas also.

I continue the write up with nutritional recommendations for each of the areas indicated in your iris patterns. This includes information regarding different brain patterns as well. Then after I email you your finished iridology reading, I will also email you a lot of different articles to read on a variety of health topics including articles on digestion and food combining. The articles that I send you includes details about your main overall constitutional types and the main nutritional recommendations that are important for proper digestion and assimilation.

Rayid analysis has to do with emotional and spiritual indications in the iris patterns. I ask for a little extra donation when I include a detailed Rayid analysis as part of your eye reading. Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have regarding my iridology services.

Also please read my Medical Disclaimers. Thank you. Deborah.

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