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Heart Love Wisdom Coaching Sessions

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

There are some simple practices that I can guide people with to experience feeling authentic joy in their hearts. These heart centered practices manifest more presence within our awareness. Our human heart has an unlimited capacity to feel and receive love.

By focusing our awareness on our heart and staying present in the moment, we can allow for a relaxed breath to move gently through our chest. Then with our eyes open, we can focus inward on choosing to experience (feel) a feeling of love in the center of our chest.

Since our eyes are open, we will be experiencing both our inner and our outer world awareness at the same time. Closing our eyes changes our experience.

We want to have presence and stay present with our eyes open to experience slowing down inside and connecting with our feelings. Feeling grief, opens our heart. In these teachings, our spirit is love and love is a feeling. Essentially all of our feelings are feelings of love.

We want to be able to say simple things out loud to hear ourselves talking. There are specific words (English mantras) that we can repeat to assist us in connecting with our feelings and our love. These mantras assist us to continue to focus on our human heart and our feelings.

The idea is to be present with our feelings of love and stay in present time to continue to receive our feelings of love and experience our love emanating through our body.

I will share more details about this healing practice in future blog posts.

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