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Located in Santa Fe ~ Available for Healing Sessions

Updated: Jan 30

I am back in Santa Fe, New Mexico and available to meet in person for healing sessions.

I am seeking like minded people interested in healing and spiritual philosophies.

I am available to assist people with diet, food preparation, and cleansing regimes.

I have over 30 years of experience as an iridologist and nutritionist. I am certified in herbology, iridology and the 7 day cleansing program. I also studied cellular memory healing for over 20 years, and I am a certified bodyworker and massage therapist.

I have studied blood analysis, dark field microscopy, and Biological Terrain Assessment with the Westbrook Naturopathic University.

I offer astrology readings to assist people with finding their life's purpose and best career interests, relationship inclinations, and an overall understanding of how our current life path is shifting into new areas of awareness.

I also guide you with astro-cartography to find the best locations to live for positive results.

Thank you, Deborah. Please email me at

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