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My intention is to assist people with healing their body through feeling their feelings. Spiritual wisdom is received when we experience our feelings emanating through our body.


These practices include the study of body awareness methods based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos.


I have been blessed to have found the very best teachers; who have shown me how to feel and receive more spiritual vitality in my body and experience feeling more love in my human heart.  We all have the capacity to feel more love, we just have to choose it.

Deborah Carroll; Iridologist and Nutritionist.

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Heart Centered Sharing that Produces Healing

Years of Experience in Astrology, Iridology, Nutrition and Healing Somatic Practices

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Iridology Health Reading


Analysis of the Iris fibers, patterns and colors indicates a variety of information about the physical body's health, personality, and spiritual attributes. Email me good quality Iris photos ahead of time for me to verify that the photos are in focus enough for me to do a reading from them for you.


Read more info about Iris Analysis on my blog pages.

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Astrology Reading

Astrology Birth Chart Analysis is a way to learn about the aspects of each planetary influence for your birth date, time and place.

Learn your Right Livelihood, your Relationship pathway, your past life Tribal wisdom, and your male and female archetypes.

Learn how you are shifting to learn new ways of being and recognize your life purpose.


Read more info on my blog.

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Heart Love Coaching Session

Learn heart focused sharing practices to assist in feeling and receiving more love.

Experience staying present with your feelings to allow feelings of love to emanate through your body. 

Resolve mental turmoil and become more grounded.

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Love is the omnipresent force of the universe; it unifies energy and consciousness.

John Pierrakos

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You can reach me through email or call my toll-free number. See my information on my Contact & Donation page. 

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