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Healing for Women

I live in Santa Fe and I have local references to share with you to vouch for my good work.

I am interested in providing healing counsel and education for women and their families.

I offer astrology readings that include learning your zodiac archetypes, your right livelihood best career focus, and your relationship pathway.

I also teach about nutrition and cleansing with a focus on diet and digestion. I can do an analysis from your iris patterns to share the main things that will help strengthen your health.

I provide heart feeling counsel to guide you to experience your own feelings of love in your human heart and to assist you with ways to be more grounded in your physical body.

I am certified in many styles of body work, yet currently I am only offering reflexology for your feet.

I teach a variety of bioenergetic body movement practices for expressing our basic human feelings which allows you to feel more vital emotionally and spiritually.

I can also show you natural breathing practices and somatic or Tonus System movements.

Thank you for your sincere interest in seeking new avenues of health and healing.

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